Stock Market and Cold Fusion Energy

Cold fusion energy is an energy source that is not only safe, but also clean. Cold fusion energy is able to supply countries with all the energy that they require in order to facilitate economic growth and individual well being.

This type of energy is not a limited resource like coal, gas or oil. It is a renewable energy source that works by generating heat at room temperatures which in turn power various devices.

Keep in mind that cold fusion energy should not be confused with nuclear energy as cold fusion energy does not omit radiation or other harmful radioactive substances.

Unfortunately, as cold fusion energy is very hard to produce, many scientists lost hope in the field and ultimately discredited the theory of cold fusion energy as it lacked scientific evidence.

However, cold fusion energy is a theory that is gaining popularity very quickly among scientists and scholar’s of the scientific community now days since the natural resources of the world are depleting at a rapid rate.

As cold fusion energy is a growing phenomenon, there are no companies involved in cold fusion energy which are quoted at the Stock Exchanges of the world. This is because no company knows fully the true potential of cold fusion energy because only a handful of people, namely Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, were able to recreate its effects.

As a result of the ambiguity in the field, no company will want to invest in cold fusion technology as they do not want to lose money. In order for a company or private investor to invest on something, it has to be backed with evidence and it must provide a return on the investment to the investing company or private investor.

However, this is all change as soon as Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat invention is up and running. Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat invention, which is essentially short for energy catalyst, is a device that uses a combination of hydrogen gas and nickel metal to generate large amounts of heat. This is done through a LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) process that takes place in a specialized chamber within the invention.

When this technology is up and running, investors and companies will all want a piece of the action. This is because this energy source will be the hottest thing on the market.

Another reason why companies and private investors alike will want to get their hands of cold fusion energy stocks is because this is a renewable source of energy. This means that this form of energy will never die out or deplete. It will always exist for as long as people demand energy.
Currently, there are a few companies that are working with Andrea Rossi and his partner Sergio Focardi to develop the E-Cat invention and get it up and running. The companies that hope to work with the E-Cat device are:
Defkalion Green Technologies: Defkalion Green Technologies is a Greek company and were the first clients of Andrea Rossi’s invention. The agreement was to get a one megawatt heating plant that could provide up to 4kW of power.

However, this deal fell through for financial reasons as the company was not able to uphold their end of the agreement that was signed between Rossi and the company head. If this company would have gone through with the deal, there would be shares of this company available on the market that focus primarily on cold fusion energy.

AmpEnergo: AmpEnergo is a company that is based out of the United States and has now become the newest client of the E-Cat invention. The agreement between Rossi and the company is that AmpEnergo will receive royalties on the sale of products and license that are based on the energy catalyst technology put forward by Andrea Rossi.

However, since there are no products that use the E-Cat technology right now, there are no stock options available on the stock exchange for cold fusion energy.

Cold fusion energy is growing in popularity day by day and as soon as proper scientific evidence is presented, more and more companies will rush to get a piece of stock that has cold fusion energy written all over it.

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